Monday, March 17, 2008

Assignment for Paper 3 -- DUE MONDAY MARCH 24

Paper 3:
Arguing a Position

Over the next four years, you will pursue a degree in your chosen field. You will become an expert, and learn the skills you need to secure your future and help make your communities better. In this paper, I want you to become an advocate for your major. You will not be allowed to use personal stories or anecdotes in this paper. You are to research your topic with primary and secondary materials available in the Sawyer library, with student interviews, and with professor interviews. The key to this paper is specificity. You must be specific about exactly why your major is a good major. To do this, you should not argue in general about how good your major is, but, rather, should argue about one very exciting aspect of your major. Begin by asking yourself this question: Why is this major worth my time and money?

Your final paper will follow these specific guidelines:

1) You will have a clear thesis statement in your thesis paragraph.
2) You will have three to four major points that support your thesis statement.
3) You will write in complete sentences, with appropriate grammar.
4) You will use transitions in your paper to move between different topics.
5) Your paragraphs will be fully developed, and will stay focused on one topic.

Every paragraph with contain at least one quote from a secondary source, and you will follow the three step process for using quotes in your paper.

This paper will take substantially more time than your first two papers. You should anticipate between 3 and 4 total hours of research over the next few weeks. If you do not have good time management skills, please see me, as I can help you begin to develop them.


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